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Techawit School is a private school that offers English Programme under the Ministry of Education which located in Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Thailand and was built in 2017. We provide Early Childhood Education (Nursery – Kindergarten 3) and Basic Education (Elementary: Grade 1-6). We are pleased to welcome your child / children in our school.

Techawit School (TWS) is conveniently located in the city centre of Nakhon Ratchasima Province. About 5 mins drive from The Mall, Terminal 21, Bangkok Hospital and about 10 mins drive from Central Plaza Nakhon Ratchasima which have many connected roads.


Kindergarten Level

Nursery - Kindergarten 3


TWS believes that kids learn a lot about the world around them in early childhood. We aim to help your child grow mentally, physically, emotionally, socially and morally.

Elementary Level

Grade 1 - Grade 6

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TWS gives the students basic foundation for learning the core subjects, help them learn about their environment and society and encourage their interest in duty and responsibility through various activities.

After School

Activities and acadamic for all classes

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TWS offers classes that are rich in experiences. We provide activities that stimulates and boost the student’s social and intellectual abilities, physical health and academic performance.

Admission Process

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3

Application and Placement test Review by Admissions Committee

Step 4


Our Facilities

At TWS, we offer a safe, modern and high quality purpose-built facilities while maintaining home-like atmosphere which create a dynamic learning environment for students. Our physical environment is very important and has been planned so that it is both visually appealing and offers a wide range of spaces where children can play, socialize and learn.

TWS leads the way by creating an unparalleled learning environment with our purpose-built facility to help prepare students for the future.


Creative Teaching for Innovative English Learning at Siam University

คณะผู้บริหารและคณะครูต่างชาติ​ เข้าร่วมอบรมสัมมนาเทคนิค [...]

TWS Team Building 2019

TWS's management team and TWS's teachers  joined "TWS t [...]

MOU with Kapiti​ College​ (New​Zealand​)

Techawit School is delighted and honored by Mr. Danai M [...]

MOU with Kenakena​ Primary​ School​ (New​ Zealand​)

Techawit School is delighted and honored by Mr. Danai M [...]

Best Practice Seminar at Sabai Hotel 25.7.62

โรงเรียนเตชะวิทย์ ได้รับการส่งเสริมและพัฒนาสร้างการรับร [...]

Kangaroo Math Thailand 2019

Techawit School congratulates Miss Naviya Pukpumkutrakul (Pre – Ecolier) and Miss Christina Sophie Ruehle (Pre – Ecolier)
for achieving Silver Award and Merit Award respectively for the Kangaroo Math Thailand 2019.

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ด้วยเกล้าด้วยกระหม่อม ข้าพระพุทธเจ้า คณะผู้บริหาร คณะครู บุคลากร นักเรียน โรงเรียนเตชะวิทย์


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