Founder's Welcome

Dear Parents,

Techawit School is inspired by the intentions of our team who would like to provide students the highest quality schooling which supports children to have good language skills, wisdom and good ethics. Therefore, our children will grow up to be good citizens who contribute their knowledge to develop our world.

I believe education helps to develop global thinking and community spiritedness, thus building up the nation, therefore, Techawit School’s intent is to provide a school environment which is warming, hygienic and safe for your children. Moreover, our curriculum is modern and appropriate to 21st century education for delivering the highest benefit to the learner through our administration, teachers and all academics staff who have vast experience.

Finally, as licensee I am very proud that the parents put your trust in us by enrolling your children at Techawit School. Our team will take care of every child as if they are our own.

Best regards

Miss Pattharaporn Techasaratool


Principal's Welcome

Dear Parents,

We aim to provide Early Childhood and Primary Education based on the Early Childhood Education Curriculum, Thailand 2017 and Basic Education Curriculum, Thailand 2008 (Edited 2017) in English Programme by using English language in classroom activities.

Our mission is to build a school environment as a second home for our students because we have realized that is the most important place to provide knowledge, construct life skills and support the moral mind to reflect Thai identity. The important things for us are that the children are happy coming to school and they develop physically and emotionally, and that they understand society and morality suitable to their age.

Lastly, I am truly grateful to all parents for placing their trust in Techawit School as a second home to contribute happiness and success to your children.

Best Regards

Sopana Sawetkochakul, Ph.D.


Manager's Welcome

Dear Parents,

On behalf of Techawit School, I am really grateful to be a part of your children’s development. They will be capable, thankful and good leaders for the future of our nation.

Nowadays, learning is worldwide. Everything which is around us is a part of global knowledge. Techawit School realizes this, so, we connect all aspects of education and life to construct the new generation of Future Travelers, who will create their own way ahead for humanity.

Best Regards

Mr. Panet Pruttikul