Vision & Mission


The World – Class Standard School Maintaining Thai Identity in 21st Century Education


The school is committed to do the following missions:

  1. To develop learners’ growth in the respects of intelligence, body, mind and social.
  2. To offer courses of learning in accordance with the twenty-first century education based on 3Rs8Cs.
  3. To upgrade educational quality to world-class standard.
  4. To promote learners’ safety in the environment, emphasizing their physical and hygienic care.
  5. To enhance and develop learning with an emphasis on learning with happiness, and obtaining desirable characteristics, especially the uniqueness of Thai and global citizens.
  6. To establish good relationship between school, family as well as community, all of which helps promote cross-cultural awareness.
  7. To support and develop networking which is aimed for educational cooperation with all nations in the world.

Techawit School Students’ Identity

  • TTrustworthy
  • EEnthusiastic
  • CCreative
  • HHappy
  • AAltruistic
  • WWise
  • IIndependent
  • TThai

Uniqueness of Techawitschool

“Good Languages and Life Skills”