Teachers and Staffs

Knowing that teachers are the core of an educational institution, the management sets special importance
on the recruitment and selection of teachers. We are pleased to have a combination of senior, expert teachers
as well as qualified, young, dedicated and energetic teachers. We also have part – time instructors to teach in some subjects.

The TWS Team consists of the School Board, the Executives, the Licensee, the Director/Principal, the Manager, Academic Head, Elementary Department Head, Kindergarten Department Head, Languages and Life Skills Head, 11 Foreign Teachers, 11 Thai Teachers and 8 Staffs.
Our Teachers and Staffs consist of Australian, British, Filipino, Thai and Chinese.

Skuntala Prommool
Head Of Academic and Education Quality Assurance

Marizel Lizardo
Head Of Kindergarten

Michelle Artillaga
Assistant – Head Of Kindergarten

Skuntala Prommool
Foreign Teacher (Thai Math & Science Subject Teacher)

Woraruetai Intaruksa
Thai Subject Teacher

Minthita Dumrongchat
Religion Subject Teacher

Panjaporn Tongkrua
Thai History Subject Teacher

Warissara Tapchai
Duty and Civics Subject Teacher

Julaluk Yongkul
Scout and Music Subject Teacher

Maria Luisa Ordas Punayo
Foreign Homeroom Teacher (K3)

Lorie Jane Guerrero
Foreign Assistant Teacher (K.3)

Woraruetai Intaruksa
Thai Subject Teacher (K.3)

Jessa Mae Polbo
Foreign Homeroom Teacher (K.1)

Nattapat Sirisaenmai
Thai Homeroom Teacher (K.1)

Warissara Tapchai
Thai Assistant Teacher (K.1)

Darah Praise Cruspero
Foreign Homeroom Teacher (K.1)

Panadda Kuansanthia
Thai Homeroom Teacher (K.1)

Duangkamon Ngoenpho
Thai Assistant Teacher (K.1)

Marnelli Villanueva
Foreign Homeroom Teacher (NS.)

Kanjana Taykanong
Thai Homeroom Teacher (NS.)

Sujita Kongverawat
Thai Assistant Teacher (NS.)

Julalak Yongkul
Music Teacher (K.3)

Araya Wongcharee
Administrative Staff

Nattapat Sirisaenmai
Coordinator Of Academic & Education Quality Assurance Support

Julalak Yongkul
Coordinator Of Students Affairs

Noppachai Samneangmai
Head Of Maintenance And Security