TECHAWIT SCHOOL Curriculum edit


Techawit School caters to the needs of both Thai and Foreign students. We serve students in Nursery, Kindergarten and Elementary level, offering a holistic and integrated education based on the Thai Curriculum. We are accredited by the Ministry of Education (MOE).


TWS offers an English Program under the “Thinking School and Languages” concept following the curriculum of Ministry of Education. We are using textbooks from Pelangi Publishing (Thailand) and Cambridge University Press. The school manages teaching and learning based on integrated education focusing on Project Approach Teaching, Play – Based Learning, Whole LanguageTeaching / Natural Teaching and STEM Teaching. The three languages, namely English, Thai, and Chinese are used as the media of instruction. These three languages are aimed for the achievement in learning at national level at present, but further achievement at world-class standard.

Co – Curricular Activities

TWS offers a wide range of activities to develop interests and abilities of each student. Our students can learn and develop their skills in Football, Modern Dance, Thai Instruments, International Instruments, Taekwondo, Cooking, Arts and more through our After School Classes every afternoon. We also encourage our students to join Scholastic Competitions in and outside the school such as Math Olympiads, Quiz Bees, Speech Competitions, Chess Tournaments, Athletics and etc.

Evaluation and Assessment

  1. Placement Test
  2. Preparation Class or Summer Scool
  3. Individual Assessment
  4. Outdoor Activities
  5. Exchange Program in Abroad
  6. International Assessment: Cambridge Test
  7. National Test by Ministry of Education (NT and O -NET)
  8. International activities with school in New Zealand, China and other different countries.

Kindergarten Level

Nursery - Kindergarten 3


TWS believes that kids learn a lot about the world around them in early childhood. We aim to help your child grow mentally, physically, emotionally, socially and morally.

Elementary Level

Grade 1 - Grade 6

elementary 247x250

TWS gives the students basic foundation for learning the core subjects, help them learn about their environment and society and encourage their interest in duty and responsibility through various activities.

After School

Activities and acadamic for all classes

K12 Penguin_๑๘๑๑๑๐_0062

TWS offers classes that are rich in experiences. We provide activities that stimulates and boost the student’s social and intellectual abilities, physical health and academic performance.